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Our Carriage Policy
To promote competitive entry, applications for carriage will not be assessed purely on economic grounds. To this end we have developed a trading policy. 
Our policy for trading in a fair and competitive environment embodies four overarching thresholds and our application procedure will be a three-stage process. 
Our thresholds include aspects such as localness, extent of appeal and robustness of the proposal. Applicants will be encouraged to make their case in the submission of their expressions of interest. Our process includes sifting and reviewing applications and placement on a waiting list. Upon conclusion, uniform carriage agreements with shared basic terms will be issued to service providers. 
We believe that in adopting this structured approach we will demonstrate fairness in a manner that will stand up to scrutiny.
Post licence award, we will maintain our website and social media presence and invite
broadcasters to contact us. 
If we are oversubscribed with interest from broadcasters, we will keep interest on file and contact them when capacity becomes available. We will allocate the capacity in a way that ensures the greatest diversity of formats and service providers. 
We will treat C-DSP and DSP providers fairly. 
In the event that we are successful in its application, we will contract with services that are not a part of our application, subject to contract and available capacity