Expression Of Interest 

Bedford's new SSDAB platform will provide an affordable long-term digital future for many existing broadcasters, as well as newcomers.

We would love your radio station to be part of our application.  You don't need to make any legally binding commitment at this stage - we just need expressions of interest to demonstrate to Ofcom that there is sufficient demand to make our service viable.

Information provided via the form below will be included in the application to Ofcom.

By submitting the form on this page, we will consider this an Expression of Interest in operating a service and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your involvement.

You'll also need either a C-DSP (ideal for community radio stations) or a DSP licence from Ofcom - we're always happy to provide advice and assistance to radio stations in our area and we recognise that this can seem complex and intimidating for newer stations so please get in touch if you'd like us to talk you through the options either over the phone or face to face - contact details are on our website.  You can also find more information, application forms and guidance notes on Ofcom's website.

We offer a subsidised rate for C-DSP radio stations made possible by the DSP services carried on the platform.

The monthly rate for C-DSP stations is £150 and for DSP stations it is £250 per month (at 48k DAB+).  Please ask to see our full ratecard for other options.

You will also need to ensure you have a license in place with PRS/PPL for your broadcasts.